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Never Kill a Spider! NEVER!

08/02/2014 dans Animals 0

HHHhhhhhh! this is what happen when you kill a Mummy Spider! Read More »

Shocking :Orca attacks a man

07/02/2014 dans Animals, Uncategorized 0

الحوت القاتل يصطاد رجل Read More »

Camel born with reversed legs!

07/02/2014 dans Animals, arab 0

A camel was born with four hind legs in Saudi Arabia Read More »

Anaconda killed a pitbull dog

07/02/2014 dans Animals, Nature 0

A pitbull found in stomach of anaconda Read More »

What not to do to a horse

06/02/2014 dans Animals, hhhhhhh!, humor 0

!!!حمار يمزح مع حصان Read More »

Auzubillah Minashaitan Nirajeem!!! Pirahnas! eat Fisherman Fish!

06/02/2014 dans Animals, owned, wtf 0

SHOCK! this is happening in Brazil! Look how fast a full bunch of piranhas eat the man’s catch Read More »

Monkey Sniffs Butt, Then Passes Out!!

06/02/2014 dans Animals, hhhhhhh!, humor 0

إضحك مع إحدى طرئف القرد Read More »

You’ll laugh, even a donkey does!!!

05/02/2014 dans Animals, arab, hhhhhhh!, humor 0

اتحداك ماتضحك حتى الحمار ضحك Read More »

This dog is not in rush: He rides a turtle!!!

05/02/2014 dans Animals, cute, humor 0

جديد تزحلق على السلحفاة Read More »

2 legged goat :(

04/02/2014 dans Animals, arab 0

i don t know where this takes place but WOW Read More »

Monkey forced to drink vodka in Dubai Disco

04/02/2014 dans Animals, arab 0

Dubai residents have vented their fury after photos showing a monkey apparently being force-fed vodka Read More »

Monkey poops on tourists in a zoo!

03/02/2014 dans Animals 0

What a cheeky monkey! After birds now we even have to be careful of Pooping monkeys! Read More »

Amazing Nature! lava flows into water

01/02/2014 dans Animals, Nature 0

Read More »

The funniest dog dancing salsa

31/01/2014 dans Animals, cute 0

العجب !! كلب يرقص صلصة

Read More »

Algeria! When a Dog (d)ride Donkey!

31/01/2014 dans Animals, arab, hhhhhhh! 0

This is FRESHLY caught on tape in Algeria, two guys guys caught a dog riding a donkey.No idea where they were heading tho Read More »

Animals can be @ssholes! Watch this! LOL

25/01/2014 dans Animals, hhhhhhh!, humor 0

Shock! Fish eats a baby duck! Must see!

23/01/2014 dans Animals, hhhhhhh! 0

Rarest fish ever – ‘Salpa maggiore’

23/01/2014 dans Animals 0

Angry Goat attacks people in Brazil LOL

23/01/2014 dans Animals, hhhhhhh! 0

Didga the Skatebording cat!

22/01/2014 dans Animals, cats, cute 0
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