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do you know City The Kitty?

08/01/2014 dans Animals, cute 0

City the kitty has his own Youtube channel this is one of Read More »

Colored and cute Chicks

08/01/2014 dans Animals, cute 0

Wow this takes place again in the city of Fes Morocco Read More »

So cute, Dog imitates an ambulance siren !

07/01/2014 dans Animals, cute 0

this is so cute! this dog imitates an ambulance siren Read More »

Two Headed Calf born in Fes, Morocco

07/01/2014 dans Animals, arab 0

A cow recently gave birth to a calf with two heads around Fes, in the center of Morocco Read More »

Two species of dinosaurs lived there 72 million years ago in Saudi Arabia

07/01/2014 dans Animals 0

Swedish researchers said on Tuesday that an international team of paleontologists had identified for the first time two species of dinosaurs that lived on the current Arabian Peninsula . Read More »

Unbelievable 5 legs sheep

05/01/2014 dans Animals 0

As seen as on a 5 legged sheep from France was for sale across the world to Read More »

GOAT quad Biking MUST SEE

05/01/2014 dans Animals, arab, humor 0

Not sure it’s in Saudi where a man goes for a ride quad with Read More »

Strangest creature ever

05/01/2014 dans Animals 0

Habibis, this is not a Jelly Fish watch now Read More »

Cobra Cat full length! exclusive 2014

05/01/2014 dans Animals, cats 0

Habibis! Finally! here is the full version of the Infamous Cobra Cat, one of the most seen video in 2013! His reaction is incredible Read More »

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