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Japanese toilet Vs Arab toilet

24/04/2014 dans arab, hhhhhhh! 0

إختراع سعودي يحرج اليابانيين و يخلق ازمة دبلوماسية حادة بين البلدين Read More »

Woman Gives Birth and Baby Runs Off

21/04/2014 dans arab, pranks 0

Joke pregnancy prank sends men running for cover after baby pops out and runs after them. Read More »

Maher zain young

17/04/2014 dans arab 0

ما شاء الله ، طفل صوته أكثر من رائع ، لو عجبك شيـر Read More »

funny arab security at the mosque checking people’s ass

10/04/2014 dans arab, hhhhhhh! 0

Somewhere in some arab country the security guard is checking people ass for some really strange and crazy reason
Read More »

Vol à l’arraché avec une machette à Marrakech

05/04/2014 dans arab 0

أخطر سرقة بمدينة مراكش على المباشر Read More »

His Brother Playing Dead

04/04/2014 dans arab, cute 0

أخوها بيمثل عليها أنه ميت شاهد ردة فعلها.. يالله على البراءة Read More »

Baby Wall Crash

04/04/2014 dans arab, cute 0

مسكين ما معه فرامل !! Read More »

Egyptian guy ending the interview like a boss

03/04/2014 dans arab 0

Egyptian guy ending the interview like a boss Read More »

Dogs saved from drowning in flood waters

03/04/2014 dans Animals, arab, cute 0

انقاذ جرو من السيول في السعودية Read More »

Show gone wrong in Saudi Arabia +slowmotion

03/04/2014 dans arab 0

show gone wrong in saudi arabia…..A Saudi Butt is on fire now Read More »

Backstage L’Officiel L’intégrale Caftan

31/03/2014 dans arab 0

Le rêve continue…Découvrez la vidéo backstage de L’Officiel L’intégrale Caftan III, à voir absolument Read More »

Iraq’s Satar Saad won MBC’s The Voice

29/03/2014 dans arab 0

فوز العراقي ستار سعد في برنامج “The Voice أحلى صوت” Read More »

French Teacher Vs Arabe Teacher

18/03/2014 dans arab, humor 0

Comparison of French and Arab Teachers’ Attitudes Toward Students Read More »

Kuwaiti’s plastic surgery to like wolf

17/03/2014 dans arab, world news 0

A Kuwaiti man has claimed he had a plastic surgery so he will look like a wolf, saying he had done so to earn people’s respect. Read More »

Dolphin asks diver for help

12/03/2014 dans arab, cute 0

he saves a dolphin from hook and fish line. The dolphin reaction is incredible Read More »

Man shoots ceiling down during wedding

12/03/2014 dans arab, hhhhhhh! 0

قريب «معرس» يحتفل بعرسه بإسقاط «سقف» صالة الأفراح! Read More »

Donkey with one heavey load ends up flying

11/03/2014 dans Animals, arab, hhhhhhh! 0

Who’s the donkey, him or the animal Read More »

A saudi tries to escape from police

09/03/2014 dans arab, hhhhhhh! 0

مواطن سعودي يتدخل لايقاف سيارة نقل تطاردها الشرطة Read More »

Man joking with camel gets a kick

06/03/2014 dans Animals, arab, hhhhhhh! 0

اراد العبور من تحت الناقه هههههه Read More »

dad babysitting

03/03/2014 dans arab, cute, humor 0

what happens when dad babysits Read More »

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