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Dog’s Reaction To Seeing Kittens For The First Time!

20/04/2014 dans cats, cute 0

Watch This Dog’s Reaction To Seeing A Kitten For The First Time – You’re Going To Love It!! Read More »

Great Escape Cat

14/03/2014 dans cats 0

this cat has learned his way out Read More »

This kid has been to far with this cat

10/03/2014 dans cats 0

never challenge a nasty cat Read More »

he saves a cat from a giant snake

02/03/2014 dans cats 0

this takes place in Costa Rica! this man is a real hero Read More »

He saves a Cat stuck under a FERRY

25/02/2014 dans cats 0

Bless this brave man.this is filmed in Sweden Read More »

Mercury the 2 legged kitten…so cute! + Bonus Video

24/02/2014 dans cats, cute 0

Even tho this kitten has suffer the loss of his 2 legs you can still hear him Purr Read More »

Epic Funny Cats!

22/02/2014 dans cats, cute, Uncategorized 0

funny cats compilation 20mn Read More »

Didga the Skatebording cat!

22/01/2014 dans Animals, cats, cute 0

click on the photo wait 2 seconds see what happens!

21/01/2014 dans Animals, cats 0


The most clever cat in the world

20/01/2014 dans cats, cute, humor 0

The most clever cat in the world


YOUNG Cat frightened by vacuum ! So Cute ;)

19/01/2014 dans Animals, cats, cute 0

YOUNG Cat frightened by vacuum ! So Cute 😉


Awww! Squirrel adopted by cat learns to Purr!

17/01/2014 dans Animals, cats, cute 0

Amazing story! A Mississippi couple says their cat has adopted a squirrel that now purrs like a kitten.

Have you ever seen a cat doing this?

16/01/2014 dans Animals, cats 0

Check out this cat probably looking what is going on through the window!

The Most Relax Cat of the planet

16/01/2014 dans cats, humor 0

This cat is taking it easy in a glass bowl, it’s even super relaxing just to watch Read More »

Cobra Cat full length! exclusive 2014

05/01/2014 dans Animals, cats 0

Habibis! Finally! here is the full version of the Infamous Cobra Cat, one of the most seen video in 2013! His reaction is incredible Read More »

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