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Cruellest wedding proposal

06/05/2014 dans cute, humor 0

When proposing to your girlfriend, is it always best to scare her first? Read More »

AWARD WINNING Best Short Video

06/05/2014 dans cute 0

A Greatly Inspiring Video Read More »

Kitten Massage Therapy

04/05/2014 dans Animals, cute 0

A moment of relaxation, enjoy it!! Read More »

Dog “Dancing” To Eminem “Shake That”

04/05/2014 dans Animals, cute 0

Cute dog. Amazing dance to “shake that” Read More »

Synchronized Swim Without A Pool

30/04/2014 dans cute, hhhhhhh! 0

Talent Show Kids Perform Synchronized Swim Without A Pool — And It’s Awesome Read More »

Little Girl Dancing Belly Dance

30/04/2014 dans cute 0

“طفلة ترقص أفضل من “صافيناز Read More »

AMAZING! Orangutan asks girl for help in sign language

29/04/2014 dans Animals, cute, Nature 0

it is a campaign to save the orangutans. Such a powerful message! Read More »

Going to School

28/04/2014 dans cute, humor 0

He gets there way faster than the school bus to go to school Read More »

Muslim Chinese girl, aged 3 years reciting the Quran

22/04/2014 dans cute, Uncategorized 0

طفلة صينية مسلمة تبلغ من العمر 3 سنوات تقرأ القرآن الكريم[ Read More »

Nico’s Story

20/04/2014 dans cute, Uncategorized 0

He Was Born With One Leg, But What He Does Now Will Amaze You! I’m So Inspired!! Must See! Read More »

Dog’s Reaction To Seeing Kittens For The First Time!

20/04/2014 dans cats, cute 0

Watch This Dog’s Reaction To Seeing A Kitten For The First Time – You’re Going To Love It!! Read More »

Cute mum & baby photoshoot goes very badly

19/04/2014 dans cute 0

“How wrong can a lovely photoshoot between a mother and her toddler go?” Read More »

Model juggles football in high heels

17/04/2014 dans cute, Foot 0

PRETTY WOMAN on high heels is JUGGLING with a BALL *AMAZING* Read More »

Brothers VS Sisters!

17/04/2014 dans cute, hhhhhhh! 0

This is sooo funny! watch full video it gets better! Read More »

Things Dogs Teach Us

16/04/2014 dans Animals, cute 0

Every single day dogs teach us important life lessons about love, overcoming adversity and healing! Read More »

A jealous little girl wants to dance

15/04/2014 dans cute 0

At a party, a little girl in blue dress will become jealous seeing a boy dancing with a girl Read More »

Little Boy Doesn’t Want to Get Married

15/04/2014 dans cute 0

Watch Little Kid Doesn’t Want To Get Married now Read More »

DJ Kittens Scratching away on Decks

15/04/2014 dans Animals, cute 0

They may only be kittens, but these little guys know how to SCRATCH! Read More »

Spectacular Salsa – Paddy & Nico – Electric Ballroom | Britain’s Got Talent 2014

14/04/2014 dans cute 0

When Paddy and Nico took the stage, Simon made fun of them. But at 1:37 this 80-year-old shocked everyone! Whoa! Read More »

Cute Baby Girl imitates animal sounds

13/04/2014 dans cute 0

This adorable baby girl melts your heart as she talks like her favorite animals. She’s a little iffy on the cat, but that just made her even cuter. If that’s possible! Read More »

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