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تموت من الضحك

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Arabs in Khaboos shooting bis – 6mn of guaranteed laughs

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it seems like it s taking place somewhere in Saudi…really funny!

KHABOUS! too big! Hhhhh! LOL

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I’m writing this post and already laughing! it’s an old one but a great one!
Footage of a man shooting a very large caliber gun at a testing range, stumbling backwards and breaking a window in the process.

Young boy in love

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Never give up when you are in love


Cinnamon Challenge Fail VS 1 and Only Win!

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Cinnamon powder or ‘Khirfa’ in arabic is just impossible to swallow even if it’s a tea spoon or regular one…all failed here on video 1! But checkout the boss of video 2… Class!


Must Watch: Crazy Frog Bros, Original

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i finally found it, i just couldn’t sleep if not. This is one of the best Youtube video E V E R! Please watch as it is filled with awesomeness!

How Many likes/Share for Hasan Baba’s EPIC DANCE?

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12 millions views on Youtube! Hasan BaBa shows you here the APACHE DANCE! i wonder where is he from!

Russian guy Dancing in Sharm Al Aheikh holiday club

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You all know when it comes to dancing if it s not polka or kasatshok Russians just can t dance but i give a A+ best entertainment value…proof? watch this:

Elephant flips a tourist car in South Africa

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Elephant Rolls Tourists CarFootage of the most recent elephant attack in the Kruger National Park showing two tourists taking an unnecessary risk while on a self drive safari.


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I thought i would never title a post ‘Man eats a cactus’ but i had to do it and even write 2 cactus…arrf please watch a good moment of stupidity..

Old man faces Death VS Crocodile…WHY???

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Hhhhhhhhhh! What was the idea of this Old Man…I mean seriously, he doesn’t know how to handle the situation with a Huge Croc…I mean seriously that’s RETARDED! WATCH!

Before – After 12 weeks Program!

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Fat Lady dancing Gangnam Style in front of webcam

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Hhhhh!Drunk guy sleeping in the toilet!

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Oh my god! this guy is so drunk that he fell asleep in the ‘exorcist’ position! His spine might hurt a big time tomorrow!
Watch this:

This girl is really on Fire!

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Hhhhhhhh! I can watch her sing all day… All day!!!

Ok it s late i can share the EPIC Twerk Fail of all times

14/01/2014 dans hhhhhhh!, owned 0

Seriously this might be best twerk fail of all the planet! watch now Read More »

hhhhh!#1 wake up pants! hilarious!

14/01/2014 dans arab, hhhhhhh! 0

First hhhhh! Video of this is so funny it will make your day Read More »

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