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dad babysitting

03/03/2014 dans arab, cute, humor 0

what happens when dad babysits Read More »

When you choke,Your arab Friend is like…

03/03/2014 dans arab, humor, Vine 0

Funny! what to do when a person gets choked out Read More »

Snow Swimming

02/03/2014 dans hhhhhhh!, humor 0

Hilarious. I can almost feel the cold!! Wanna Go For A Snow Swim? Read More »

Drunk bikini girls shopping cart fail!

01/03/2014 dans hhhhhhh!, humor 0

Drunk girls face-plant on to hard concrete from shopping cart Read More »

Idiot tapes 5 Firetrackers to his face

01/03/2014 dans hhhhhhh!, humor 0

A man stickes five firecrackers to his lips before managing to light two of them Read More »

Russian Attempts Attaching Car To Bus

27/02/2014 dans hhhhhhh!, humor 0

In Russia someone had the genius idea of attaching a car to a bus Read More »

Cookie Battle: Pug vs Baby

26/02/2014 dans Animals, cute, humor 0

Pug and baby can’t share a cookie Read More »

Sexy girl against a guy

21/02/2014 dans humor, Uncategorized 0

Sexy girl forces guy to tap out with a rear naked choke Read More »

Is this the world’s silliest man?

19/02/2014 dans hhhhhhh!, humor 0

This could be the stupidest snow shoveller in history after he was caught dropping snow into a trolley without realising it was falling through the bottom Read More »

When normal people sneeze vs when I sneeze

18/02/2014 dans hhhhhhh!, humor, Vine 0

very funny vine. what happen when you sneeze Read More »


16/02/2014 dans hhhhhhh!, humor 0

Very funny air compressor prank ever!!! Read More »

Valentine’s Day gift

14/02/2014 dans arab, humor 0

عيد الحب Read More »

Happy valentine’s day

14/02/2014 dans humor 0

dumb ways to valentine Read More »

Does anyone love calculus?

13/02/2014 dans humor 0

I tried teaching my niece calculus Read More »

Girl getting mad because she can’t sing

11/02/2014 dans hhhhhhh!, humor 0

She is a terrible singer!!! Watch this little girl trying to sing the famous song of Whitney Houston Read More »

Fat kid on rollercoaster

11/02/2014 dans hhhhhhh!, humor 0

Fat Kid freaks out when he nearly falls off of the rollercoaster Read More »

Chucky Prank! Brrrrrrr!

10/02/2014 dans humor, pranks 0

this doll has scared my childhood Read More »

Guy dancing on a treadmill

10/02/2014 dans cute, humor, sport 0
Jogger pulls incredible dance moves while running on a treadmill

Read More »

Tough guy FBI agent climbs gate that is open !

07/02/2014 dans hhhhhhh!, humor, world news 0

الباب كان مفتوحا من البداية ولا يحتاج للقفز Read More »

Saudi Arabia:first time he sees snow

07/02/2014 dans arab, hhhhhhh!, humor 0

a man so excited by the Middle East’s freak snowfall he jumps for joy – and gets his head stuck in a drift Read More »

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