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Message from a Cat…

19/01/2014 dans Animals, cute, humor 0

No comment, i m just in tears laughing!


Cinnamon Challenge Fail VS 1 and Only Win!

19/01/2014 dans hhhhhhh!, humor, wtf 0

Cinnamon powder or ‘Khirfa’ in arabic is just impossible to swallow even if it’s a tea spoon or regular one…all failed here on video 1! But checkout the boss of video 2… Class!


Must Watch: Crazy Frog Bros, Original

19/01/2014 dans hhhhhhh!, humor 0

i finally found it, i just couldn’t sleep if not. This is one of the best Youtube video E V E R! Please watch as it is filled with awesomeness!

Arab Cheating wife Prank gone wrong!

17/01/2014 dans arab, humor, owned, pranks 0

His name is Youssef and decided to Prank Ahmed his best mate…I can t say more just Watch and Enjoy this piece of Art!
also you can find Youssef on his youtube channel: #Fouseytube

Before – After 12 weeks Program!

17/01/2014 dans hhhhhhh!, humor 0


Britney Spears: Uh Ok! Uh Ok! Uh Ok -10 seconds viral laugh!

16/01/2014 dans humor 0

Hilarious i can watch that all day!

The Most Relax Cat of the planet

16/01/2014 dans cats, humor 0

This cat is taking it easy in a glass bowl, it’s even super relaxing just to watch Read More »

Do you have Egyptian feet? The Shocking TRUTH here:

14/01/2014 dans arab, humor, world news 22

Just contemplate your feet! compare and you will know! Read More »

Meet Saqr, The Prince of Saudi…Americans are Stupid…Really…

13/01/2014 dans arab, humor 0

truestoryAsa team hit the street with another Prank, this time it was pretending to be a Prince from Saudi! check out the reaction of people click to watch Read More »

ARABS rule in USA! Look at the Ferrari Prank

13/01/2014 dans arab, humor 0

it is better you watch the video to make your own opinion the end is EPIC Read More »

Hilarious- funny arab clips

13/01/2014 dans arab, humor 0

This compilation of funny pranks will make your day better! relax Read More »

Cute! baby sees her dad’s twin brother for the first time

11/01/2014 dans cute, humor, world news 0

this takes place somewhere in the states a baby sees her dad’s twin brother for the first time while Read More »

the live buzz from the US

10/01/2014 dans humor 0

This video job interview is buzzing at the moment in the U.S. you will see an indian man Read More »

UAE frees American jailed for YouTube parody video- Full Video here!

10/01/2014 dans arab, humor 0

An American citizen was released from jail in the United Arab Emirates on Thursday after serving nine months in prison for Read More »

Sexy tv ad please watch until the end!

09/01/2014 dans humor 0

Clever marketing comes in all shapes and sizes. As we see here in this clever tv commercial for the Read More »


08/01/2014 dans arab, humor 0

Karim, Sheikh, Adam Abdullah are TrueStoryASA! you ve seen them in Meet a Muslim Video. again they are coming back with a cracking video about sharing foods and waiting for IFTAR Watch and Read More »

ULTIMATE Sexy Girls Webcam Fails

08/01/2014 dans humor, owned 0

Pole dance, faceplants, front flips, pool side defiles to belly dance these girls are Read More »


08/01/2014 dans humor 0

We all know the last ad from the legendary Jean Claude Van Damme where he does the split between 2 cars! here you Read More »

Dancing kid Battle Must watch NOW

08/01/2014 dans humor, sport 0

Look at this little KID…he s already got the moves! The Dancing Usher and viral Read More »

BEST Elevator Prank Made in Japan!

07/01/2014 dans humor, owned, pranks 0

this might be the best elevator Prank of 2013 it comes with Read More »

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