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Man Shoots Targets On Trees – Tree Retaliates

06/05/2014 dans hhhhhhh!, Nature 0

شجرة تنتقم من قناص أطلق عليها الرصاص ، و النتيجة كارثية Read More »

AMAZING! Orangutan asks girl for help in sign language

29/04/2014 dans Animals, cute, Nature 0

it is a campaign to save the orangutans. Such a powerful message! Read More »

Global Warming – Polar bear

24/03/2014 dans Animals, humor, Nature 0

Global warming is impacting polar bears Read More »

Baby Gorilla Born in Rare C-section

15/03/2014 dans Animals, Nature, world news 0

San Diego Zoo welcomes adorable baby gorilla born after an extremely rare C-section. Read More »

Fake or real: Monkey teases tigers

11/03/2014 dans Animals, hhhhhhh!, Nature 0

قرد مشاغب أشبع نمرين صغيرين ضرباً و”بهدلة” && رااائـع Read More »

Saudi boy’s strange ‘camel’ cure

01/03/2014 dans Animals, arab, Nature 0

A Saudi boy was caught on camera drinking camel urine following statements by a local researcher that it cures many diseases Read More »

Penguings grieving Emotional Clip

26/02/2014 dans Animals, Nature 0

Two emperor penguins mourn the death of a tiny emperor penguin chick Read More »

Anaconda killed a pitbull dog

07/02/2014 dans Animals, Nature 0

A pitbull found in stomach of anaconda Read More »

Amazing Nature! lava flows into water

01/02/2014 dans Animals, Nature 0

Read More »

let s all go there before it s too late!

29/01/2014 dans Nature, Uncategorized 0

10 places that will not be anymore…let s all go there before it is too late some will disappear in only in 5 years Read More »

The man and the grizzly

21/01/2014 dans Animals, cute, Nature 0

3 suns in Moscow! Nature is amazing

20/01/2014 dans Nature 0

just watch this phenomenon called ‘SUN DOG’

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