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Cristiano Ronaldo Fantastic Backheel Goal

05/05/2014 dans Foot, sport 0

Cristiano Ronaldo Fantastic Backheel Goal Real Madrid vs Valencia 2 2 04 05 2014 Read More »

Sexy Girl Biker

02/05/2014 dans sport 0

Biker girls wanna have fun Read More »

Belly Dance

25/04/2014 dans sport, Uncategorized 0

Enjoy this dance Read More »

Fitness Spinning Hip Hop

25/04/2014 dans sport 0

A very energetic during Fitness Spinning background music Hip Hop, where participants make bike at full speed, while achieving exercises with their upper body Read More »

Houston Astros hit in the face by 90 mph fastball

23/04/2014 dans sport 0

Astros prospect Delino DeShields Jr. suffers grotesque injury after taking pitch to the face Read More »

Tallest High School Basketball Player In The World! (7’5″)

12/04/2014 dans sport, Uncategorized 0

The tallest player in High School Basketball standing at 7’5 Tacko Fall is always turning heads and always plays his way to becoming the crowd favorite in every gym Read More »

Team Fighting Championship Is 5-on-5 MMA Insanity You Have to See

10/04/2014 dans sport 0

For those who find normal MMA dull, here is some five-on-five action that should get that heart pumping. Also, see a doctor, because your need for more action is a little disconcerting Read More »

Manizha Faraday shirt gets unbotton in a drift car

07/04/2014 dans hhhhhhh!, sport 0

Super hot Russian model, Manizha Faraday, has a wardrobe malfunction in a drifting Toyota Supra causing her perfect tits to bust open her shirt Read More »

Little girls judo fight

05/04/2014 dans cute, sport 0

Cute little girls in a funny judo fight Read More »

Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar and Wayne Rooney Light Up Nike “Risk Everything” Ad

02/04/2014 dans sport 0

They are three stars expected to illuminate this year’s World Cup. Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar are carrying the hopes of their respective nations Read More »

Japan Rugby 7s Embarrassing Bombed Try

02/04/2014 dans hhhhhhh!, sport 0

Japan’s Sevens rugby player Kosuke Hashino will be written into the record books — for how not to do a swan dive.
Read More »

Epic Basketball + Car Beat (ONE TAKE!)

01/04/2014 dans sport, Uncategorized 0

Hope you guys enjoy this epic beat between Buick Regal GS and a troupe of basketball dribblers! Read More »

Rockets Fan Catches Hakeem-Autographed Ball, Gives to Kid

30/03/2014 dans cute, sport 0

A fan in the Houston crowd catches a Hakeem Olajuwon-autographed ball and passes it along to a child. Read More »

Insane play!

28/03/2014 dans sport 0

Insane play! Vine By: Everything Sports Read More »

The Top 5 Plays Sepak Tawak India 2013/14

26/03/2014 dans sport 0

‘Sepak takraw’ Is Probably One Of The Coolest Sports You’ve Ever Seen Read More »

Michael Bridges Magnificent Volley

25/03/2014 dans Foot, sport 0

A magnificent volley from Michael Bridges Read More »

Karaté : Pop A Balloon With Jump Kick

19/03/2014 dans hhhhhhh!, russian, sport 0

In Russia, a man wants to pop a balloon with jump kick,he succeds!! Read More »

Bow and Arrow Practice

15/03/2014 dans sport 0

Amazing bow and arrow trick-shots. Are they actually hit anything?? Read More »

Insane 23 Feet Backflip!

13/03/2014 dans sport, Uncategorized 0

Dominik Sky pulls off one of the craziest backflips you’ll ever see, from the top of a 7 meter (23 foot) Read More »

Best Ping Pong Player vs Ping Pong Robot

13/03/2014 dans sport, technology, world news 0

Timo Boll vs. KUKA Robot. Man against machine. Who has the best technique? Read More »

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