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Toyota Supra version AK 47

30/04/2014 dans technology, Uncategorized 0

This is what it’s like to be shot at with an AK-47 Read More »

Peeling Apples With Power Drill Is Genius

01/04/2014 dans humor, technology 0

تقشير تفاح بطريقه غريبه Read More »

Best Ping Pong Player vs Ping Pong Robot

13/03/2014 dans sport, technology, world news 0

Timo Boll vs. KUKA Robot. Man against machine. Who has the best technique? Read More »

Transformer 4 Official Trailer

05/03/2014 dans technology, Uncategorized 0

Official Trailer of Transformer 4 Read More »

World’s Fastest: 270.49 mph Hennessey Venom GT

25/02/2014 dans technology 0

wow new world record Read More »

Turn water into ice in 1 second using this simple trick

25/02/2014 dans technology 0

it’s bacterial Read More »

New Samsung galaxy S5 released! Win one NOW

24/02/2014 dans technology 0

Enter the Draw now! Reserved TO ALL OUR FANS ONLY Read More »

iPhone 5s Hidden Features

New application Iphone 5 : cooking!!! Read More »

top 10 expensive cars 2013

01/02/2014 dans sport, technology 0

أغلى عشر سيارات بالعالم 2013
  Read More »

How to make a mini Gun!

28/01/2014 dans humor, technology 0

In this video presentation I will show you how to make an awesome mini PEG GUN Read More »

Dangerous sand hill climb

28/01/2014 dans arab, technology 0

Narrowly avoided disaster!!! Read More »


27/01/2014 dans technology 0

This guy lost his hand last April in a car accident. This is pretty new technology Read More »

Lamborghini Veneno $4.5 million supercar

27/01/2014 dans sport, technology 0

Lamborghini Veneno $4.5 million supercar

With 750 horsepower, enough to go from 0 to 62 mph in under three seconds Read More »

A true love tester

27/01/2014 dans humor, technology, world news 0

Read More »

Ultra Slow motion Match burning HD

24/01/2014 dans technology 0

1850 hp Lamborghini Gallardo Nera Sets Standing Mile World Record

19/01/2014 dans sport, technology, world news 0

WORLD RECORD : Lamborghini Sets Standing Mile World Record


The Gallardo crossed the line in just 20.845 seconds at a top speed of 409.55 km/h!


You are left Handed? Did you know that you had birth trauma?

14/01/2014 dans technology, Uncategorized, world news 0

the reasons why some people are left-handed are Read More »

Walk on water in Malaysia

10/01/2014 dans technology, world news 0

this is going to be viral and will be shown around the world.Running, jumping and biking on 8,000 litres of non-newtonian fluid Read More »

Saudi Military Training

07/01/2014 dans arab, technology 0

Wow this is scary…for the record it is all Read More »

How to Use 2 different pictures on facebook by khalil shreateh

07/01/2014 dans arab, technology 0

If you don’t know Khalil from Palestinian he is the hacker who later used the flaw to access Mark Zuckerberg’s profile Read More »

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