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Harry Potter VS Star Wars

01/05/2014 dans humor, Uncategorized 0

An epic battle between a Jedi knight and a wizard. Who will win? Read More »

Toyota Supra version AK 47

30/04/2014 dans technology, Uncategorized 0

This is what it’s like to be shot at with an AK-47 Read More »

Dad kicks son off skate ramp

28/04/2014 dans Uncategorized, world news 0

Dad Caught on Tape Kicking Son Down Skateboard Ramp Read More »

Obama Plays Soccer With Japanese Robot

26/04/2014 dans Uncategorized, world news 0

الرئيس الأمريكي أوباما يلعب كرة القدم مع رجل اَلي في اليابان Read More »

Belly Dance

25/04/2014 dans sport, Uncategorized 0

Enjoy this dance Read More »

Sexy Korean pop dance group performs to classical music

23/04/2014 dans Uncategorized 0

How to Fall in Love with Classical Music!!! (Dvořák – Symphony No. 9) Read More »

‘GHOST’ running through football stadium crowd in Bolivia

23/04/2014 dans Foot, Uncategorized 0

Football spectators spooked by ‘ghost’ which appears to run through fans during match in Bolivia Read More »

Muslim Chinese girl, aged 3 years reciting the Quran

22/04/2014 dans cute, Uncategorized 0

طفلة صينية مسلمة تبلغ من العمر 3 سنوات تقرأ القرآن الكريم[ Read More »

Darcy Oake’s jaw dropping dove illusions

22/04/2014 dans Uncategorized 0

‘How Is He Doing This?’: Magician Stuns Crowd With ‘Jaw Dropping Dove Illusions’ on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Read More »

6 year old riding Harley

21/04/2014 dans Uncategorized 0

WHAT?! Dad lets his 6-year-old son grab handlebars of Harley!!! Read More »

My Shoes

20/04/2014 dans Uncategorized 0

A fable of life’s appearances by Nima Raoofi Read More »

Nico’s Story

20/04/2014 dans cute, Uncategorized 0

He Was Born With One Leg, But What He Does Now Will Amaze You! I’m So Inspired!! Must See! Read More »

How stupid can you get?

17/04/2014 dans Uncategorized 0

Shocking video shows man lying on road as a track passes then… Read More »

Optical Illusion Dance

14/04/2014 dans art, Uncategorized 0

What’s Going On Here Is Not Quite What It Seems . . . But It’s Completely Awesome! Read More »

Morrocco : Guy escapes from cops

14/04/2014 dans Uncategorized 0

Chouha made in morroco Police Maroc وا شد شد هههههه طلعوه من باب و هرب ليهم من لباب لاخر Read More »

One of tallest men in world, from Pakistan… tries to take a taxi

13/04/2014 dans Uncategorized 0

معاناة اطول رجل باكستاني في ركب التاكسي ….الله يعينه Read More »

Woman Spotted Walking A Man On A Leash Through London

13/04/2014 dans Uncategorized, world news 0

London commuters have been left puzzled by the strange sight of a well-dressed women leading a be-suited man on a leash around the city Read More »

Conjoined Twins

12/04/2014 dans Uncategorized 0

Conjoined Twins: Brothers Joined At The Hip Learn To Live In Harmony Read More »

Amazing Anamorphic Illusions!

12/04/2014 dans Uncategorized 0

Objects in this video are not what they seem!! Read More »

Tallest High School Basketball Player In The World! (7’5″)

12/04/2014 dans sport, Uncategorized 0

The tallest player in High School Basketball standing at 7’5 Tacko Fall is always turning heads and always plays his way to becoming the crowd favorite in every gym Read More »

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