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Choking : Baby Smoking Weed

14/04/2014 dans Vine, world news 0

Hunt for parents of toddler seen ‘smoking marijuana’ in Vine video as ‘adults laugh in the background Read More »

Man lays under passing truck

07/04/2014 dans Vine 0

Man lays under passing truck Read More »

Baby Flew Out The Window

07/04/2014 dans Vine 0

baby flew out the window Read More »

Why good guys go bad

04/03/2014 dans humor, Vine 0

funny vine Why good guys go bad Read More »

When you choke,Your arab Friend is like…

03/03/2014 dans arab, humor, Vine 0

Funny! what to do when a person gets choked out Read More »

When normal people sneeze vs when I sneeze

18/02/2014 dans hhhhhhh!, humor, Vine 0

very funny vine. what happen when you sneeze Read More »

When someone makes you die on Flappy Bird

12/02/2014 dans hhhhhhh!, Vine 0

never disturb someone playing flappy bird Read More »

Your Mom Talks About Marriage!!!

11/02/2014 dans arab, hhhhhhh!, Vine 0

Arab moms always trying to get you married Read More »

How to kiss a woman / or not

22/01/2014 dans humor, Vine 0

He diserves it

Arab Vines Compilation 2013

19/01/2014 dans arab, Vine 0

Arab Vines Compilation 2013


Arab Vines 12 min- Hilarious

06/01/2014 dans arab, humor, Vine 0

For those who STILL don’t know what is a Vine, it is a short video Read More »

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