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Taiwan student has find missing plane

19/03/2014 dans world news 0

The science student at Nan Kai University of Technology in Taiwan “spotted this plane Read More »

Cop Breaks Student’s Arm In Texas High School!

18/03/2014 dans world news 0

Cop Breaks Student’s Arm In Texas High School while trying to arrest him Read More »

Kuwaiti’s plastic surgery to like wolf

17/03/2014 dans arab, world news 0

A Kuwaiti man has claimed he had a plastic surgery so he will look like a wolf, saying he had done so to earn people’s respect. Read More »

Rare hail storm pounds Dubai Sharjah Ajman

15/03/2014 dans world news 0

Rare hail storm pounds Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman Read More »

Carjacker nabbed after high-speed chase in Denver

15/03/2014 dans world news 0

Real Life GTA 5 – Dramatic car chase in Denver Read More »

Baby Gorilla Born in Rare C-section

15/03/2014 dans Animals, Nature, world news 0

San Diego Zoo welcomes adorable baby gorilla born after an extremely rare C-section. Read More »

Best Ping Pong Player vs Ping Pong Robot

13/03/2014 dans sport, technology, world news 0

Timo Boll vs. KUKA Robot. Man against machine. Who has the best technique? Read More »

Emergency landing dreamliner 737 on the water on Spain

13/03/2014 dans world news 0

Emergency landing dreamliner 737 on the water on Spain, the scene was captured with mobile phone by a tourist on the beach Read More »

Girl nearly gets killed trying to get the perfect photo

10/03/2014 dans world news 0

A mexican girl is almost hit by a speeding race truck while trying to get her picture taken at the San Felipe 250 in Baja California (Mexico). Read More »

US Pregnant Mom Drives Van With Kids Inside into Ocean

07/03/2014 dans world news 0

Pregnant Mom Drives Car In Ocean Kids Said Mom Tried to Kill Us Good Samaritans Rescue Read More »

People rush to stop woman from committing suicide

26/02/2014 dans world news 0

People rush to stop woman jumping off bridge Read More »

Runner Slips and Falls after TV interview

19/02/2014 dans hhhhhhh!, world news 0

Runner Slips and Falls Just After Interview About How Snow Is Perfect for Running Read More »

Bike thief gets tacklled by cop

13/02/2014 dans world news 0

Dramatic Tackle Arrest Of Fleeing Suspect On Bike Crash Police In Sacramento! Read More »

SOCHI Olympics Opening Ceremony fireworks

10/02/2014 dans world news 0

SOCHI Olympics Opening Ceremony. Countdown and Fireworks Read More »

Share if you recognize him!

07/02/2014 dans world news, wtf 0

Read More »

Tough guy FBI agent climbs gate that is open !

07/02/2014 dans hhhhhhh!, humor, world news 0

الباب كان مفتوحا من البداية ولا يحتاج للقفز Read More »

official video presentation of Habibitube

03/02/2014 dans arab, Uncategorized, world news 0


iPhone 5s Hidden Features

New application Iphone 5 : cooking!!! Read More »


01/02/2014 dans world news 0

this is the footage of a half man half giant found in china..looks like a hybrid man half man half giant
Read More »

A true love tester

27/01/2014 dans humor, technology, world news 0

Read More »

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