Drunk Guy vs Speed Bump

25/04/2014 dans hhhhhhh! 0

Drunk Old Guy Vs Speed Bump.The drunk here loses the battle and the speed bump wins apparently Read More »

Poland Preparing For World War III

24/04/2014 dans hhhhhhh! 0

This Video Shows That Poland Is Ready For The Third World War Read More »

Japanese toilet Vs Arab toilet

24/04/2014 dans arab, hhhhhhh! 0

إختراع سعودي يحرج اليابانيين و يخلق ازمة دبلوماسية حادة بين البلدين Read More »

Sexy Korean pop dance group performs to classical music

23/04/2014 dans Uncategorized 0

How to Fall in Love with Classical Music!!! (Dvořák – Symphony No. 9) Read More »

Don’t play and annoy a Pitbull

23/04/2014 dans Animals 0

Dumb guy annoying a pitbull attached with a rope… but when the rope is broken Read More »

‘GHOST’ running through football stadium crowd in Bolivia

23/04/2014 dans Foot, Uncategorized 0

Football spectators spooked by ‘ghost’ which appears to run through fans during match in Bolivia Read More »

Houston Astros hit in the face by 90 mph fastball

23/04/2014 dans sport 0

Astros prospect Delino DeShields Jr. suffers grotesque injury after taking pitch to the face Read More »

Muslim Chinese girl, aged 3 years reciting the Quran

22/04/2014 dans cute, Uncategorized 0

طفلة صينية مسلمة تبلغ من العمر 3 سنوات تقرأ القرآن الكريم[ Read More »

Bonobo builds a fire and toasts marshmallows

22/04/2014 dans Animals 0

Kanzi the bonobo lives in America and has learnt how to build a fire, light it using matches and toast marshmallows on it Read More »

Bicycle Wheelie Fail

22/04/2014 dans hhhhhhh! 0

Wheelie with out front wheel on bike,then… Read More »

Darcy Oake’s jaw dropping dove illusions

22/04/2014 dans Uncategorized 0

‘How Is He Doing This?’: Magician Stuns Crowd With ‘Jaw Dropping Dove Illusions’ on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Read More »

Girl Too Cold To Watch Where She Is Going – FAIL

22/04/2014 dans hhhhhhh! 0

Look where you are going!! Read More »

The incredible simulation of Luis Suarez

21/04/2014 dans Foot, hhhhhhh! 0

Luis Suarez shows his talent as an actor | Norwich vs Liverpool 2-3 20/0472014 Read More »

Woman Gives Birth and Baby Runs Off

21/04/2014 dans arab, pranks 0

Joke pregnancy prank sends men running for cover after baby pops out and runs after them. Read More »

Human Radar

21/04/2014 dans hhhhhhh!, humor 0

Human radar moving Read More »

Drunk Russian Man + Bulldozer = Disaster

21/04/2014 dans russian 0

Caterpillar destroys parked cars in Russia! traffic accident Read More »

6 year old riding Harley

21/04/2014 dans Uncategorized 0

WHAT?! Dad lets his 6-year-old son grab handlebars of Harley!!! Read More »

My Shoes

20/04/2014 dans Uncategorized 0

A fable of life’s appearances by Nima Raoofi Read More »

Cat Leaps Out of a Burning Building!

20/04/2014 dans Animals 0

Cat Jumps From Apartment Fire VIDEO and loses 1 of nine lives Read More »

Hamster Stores 5 Carrots !

20/04/2014 dans Animals 0

Very Hungry Hamster Stuffs 5 Carrots In His Mouth At Once Read More »

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