As dumb as Strong…

06/01/2014 dans Uncategorized 0

This guy lifts up a donkey with strength of his legs and shoulders while another place a kid on the donkeys back Read More »

Arab vs Treadmill

06/01/2014 dans arab, humor, owned 0

I think the title says it all. but you know what can happen while you are stuck on treadmill on steroids and Read More »

I had to share this! Little Indian Guy Dancing

06/01/2014 dans Uncategorized 0

I know for a fact there are 100’s of thousands of Indians in the middlest so Read More »

Arab Vines 12 min- Hilarious

06/01/2014 dans arab, humor, Vine 0

For those who STILL don’t know what is a Vine, it is a short video Read More »

Cloud Falling from the Sky in UAE?

06/01/2014 dans arab, Uncategorized, wtf 0

a strange sight of a cloud that fell from the sky i dont know how this happened Read More »

Epic Dinausor Prank Japanese are like that

06/01/2014 dans Uncategorized 0

Japanese man terrified by ‘dinosaur’ on TV show Read More »

Unbelievable 5 legs sheep

05/01/2014 dans Animals 0

As seen as on a 5 legged sheep from France was for sale across the world to Read More »

GOAT quad Biking MUST SEE

05/01/2014 dans Animals, arab, humor 0

Not sure it’s in Saudi where a man goes for a ride quad with Read More »

Strangest creature ever

05/01/2014 dans Animals 0

Habibis, this is not a Jelly Fish watch now Read More »

Selfish Cat LOL

05/01/2014 dans Uncategorized 0

You won’t believe how cats can be you must watch this Read More »

Seriously Largest Firework In The World

05/01/2014 dans art, technology, Uncategorized 0

This is ridiculous! 420kg of explosive in 1 Firework watch this Read More »

2 Football Players vs 55 kids

05/01/2014 dans sport 0

You’d think that 55 kids is too many even for professional soccer players to take on, but Read More »

Meet a Muslim Person

05/01/2014 dans arab 0

TrueStoryAsa went on the streets reactions are Read More »

Reporter Brooke Graham Passes Out On Air…

05/01/2014 dans Uncategorized 0

Repter Brooke Graham Passes Out On Air! But the strong woman carries out and Read More »

Cobra Cat full length! exclusive 2014

05/01/2014 dans Animals, cats 0

Habibis! Finally! here is the full version of the Infamous Cobra Cat, one of the most seen video in 2013! His reaction is incredible Read More »

Arab Guy vs Snow = Epic Moment

05/01/2014 dans arab 0

habibis, i think this footage has been recorded in Jordan, this is a must see of 2013 Read More »

Dubai Fireworks 2014 Full Show

05/01/2014 dans arab, technology 0

Hi Habibis! this is for all that have missed the fireworks while being stuck in traffic and public transports Read More »

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